There are many advantages to living at Lake Forest, which I have enjoyed for more than nine years. I am free of the maintenance and upkeep of my former home. My family knows that I live in a safe, comfortable, caring, and beautiful environment. There are many scheduled activities including exercise programs, informed and interesting guest speakers, Bingo, birthday parties and parties for other occasions, and much more. We like to dress up for our candle light dinners with wine. If I want coffee and conversations with friends, I’ll find them at the Round Table just about any time, or I may choose to stay home and a read a good book from our large library. We appreciate our lovely flower gardens during the summer, and enjoy flowers and plants of many varieties in our solarium all year. Moving to Lake Forest is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

- Millie Davies


The snowstorm of 2/2/11 has served to give me a strengthened reason to be pleased with my decision several years ago to become a resident at Lake Forest. I no longer have to shovel snow, to worry about icing, to fret about the roof. In summer there’s no mowing, clipping, weeding, painting or the many other concerns that arise with owning a home. I am alone only when that is what I wish. Otherwise there is almost always someone else to socialize with, have a cup of coffee with, and have dinner with. We have a fine Activity Director who tries to give us a program or something else to give us pleasure, but there is absolutely no compulsion to take part if one does not care to. The residents come from widely varied backgrounds which makes from some very interesting conversations. The physical environment is marvelous, with a beautiful lobby and dining room. An excellent library is available, and the Bookmobile comes regularly. A well maintained solarium with a wonderful view of Lake Champlain is there, and exercise equipment is available. If we need help to shop, to get an appointment there is always someone available to provide the needed transportation. And the staff is excellent- friendly, compassionate, always willing to be helpful, and fun. So, I couldn’t be more contented here.

- W.H. Harries


The first time I walked through the doors of Lake Forest I loved it. I have been here for two plus years and I still do. The location is beautiful and the apartments comfortable and attractive.  I like the fact that I can be in my apartment and read, relax or pursue a hobby. Or I can go out my font door, walk down the hall to the Round Table for the three C’s- coffee, companionship and conversation. The people here, staff included, are wonderful, and if I were to list the things we talk about it would take pages! And that’s not including the jokes!  There are weekly activities such as exercise, cards, movies and music. We also have frequent special speakers who enlarge our horizons with interesting topics. These activities are available to all, but taking part in them is up to the individual.

Lake Forest has become my home and the people here my family.

- Mary Lue